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Summer Edition 2017

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Our new look magazine! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.


ADVERTORIAL TACKLING teeth Tips for preventing sports injuries to teeth in association with Metamorphosis Orthodontics There are numerous benefits for children in playing sport – physical fitness, positive selfesteem and teamwork to name just a few. However, at all levels of competition, there is always the risk of injury, from bumps and bruises to broken bones and dental emergencies. Injuries to the mouth can often get overlooked, however, losing a tooth or damaging the gums can be a real cause for concern. Contact sports such as football, rugby, lacrosse and hockey involving objects travelling at high speed, are particularly hazardous. If a stick, ball, or boot makes an impact at just the right (or wrong!) spot against the gum line, then there is a very high risk of mouth or tooth damage. HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD IN SPORT It may seem obvious, but many accidents can be prevented or at least significantly reduced, if children are wearing the correct type of protection. Helmets are commonplace in cricket and ice hockey making it extremely difficult for any oral trauma to occur. However, it is the mouth guard that is your best (and last) overall line of defence in protecting the teeth and tongue. You can purchase the standard boil-and-bite mouth guards at any good sports shop, but, these don’t always provide sufficient cushioning. For this we would always recommend a custommade mouth guard to ensure all the right areas within the mouth are protected. Losing a tooth is an expensive ordeal costing around 20 times more than the cost of a customfitted mouth guard. So an appointment with a professional orthodontist has to be money well spent! SOLO SPORTS It is not just contact sports that pose a risk to children’s teeth, mouths and heads. It’s just as important that they are protected when practicing solo sports such as riding, bicycling, skiing and skating, so always get them to wear an appropriate helmet! A mouth guard is also a good idea, as a helmet alone won’t shield their teeth. Getting your child into the habit of regularly wearing their mouth guard is good practise and the best way of preventing future dental injury. For more advice about protecting your child’s teeth please call and make an appointment with Metamorphosis on 0200 333 1782 8 ★ SUMMER 17

“Losing a tooth is an expensive ordeal costing around 20 times more than the cost of a customfitted mouth guard.” THE DO’S AND DON’TS of chipping or losing a tooth A tooth that has been knocked out of its socket can be successfully replanted and last for years. Knowing what to do and taking quick action as a parent will increase the likelihood of saving the tooth. DO pick up the tooth by the crown (the chewing surface) not the root. The tooth should be handled carefully and if dirty gently rinsed with water. DO reposition the tooth in the socket immediately. The sooner the tooth is replaced, the greater the likelihood that it will survive. Carefully push the tooth in the socket with your fingers and gently bite down on it. DO keep the tooth moist at all times. The tooth must not be left outside the mouth to dry. DO place the tooth (or chipped piece) in milk or in the mouth next to the cheek. Metamorphosis is offering SN Members a free Consultation and 10% off on full upper and lower fixed comprehensive Damon braces with the UK’s leading expert, Dr Neil Counihan (Tatler’s 2017 top recommended Orthodontic specialist). To claim your 10% discount, please call 0200 3331782. Terms & Conditions apply, please visit the website DO go and see your dentist immediately (or emergency dentist if out of hours). Professional advice and treatment as soon as possible after trauma will increase the chance of the tooth’s long term survival. DON’T use soap or chemicals to wash the tooth. DON’T wrap the tooth in tissue. DON’T ignore a small chip. Always seek professional advice. Some teeth can lose their blood and nerve supply and turn grey and may require root canal treatment. SUMMER 17 ★ 9


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