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Summer Edition 2017

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Our new look magazine! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.


STROLL INTO SUMMER BUNKSTRUNKS.COM Printed on UPF 50+ sun protective and quick drying fabric, BUNKS are swimming trunks for boys with fabric designs inspired by memorable and evocative places. To help keep our oceans plasticfree, BUNKS come in paper and biodegradable plastic packaging and the swing tag can be reused as a luggage label. Visit to view the latest swimwear range for boys aged 8 to 14. ° Offer of free delivery and returns for School Notices readers until 31st July 2017. Offer code: SN2017 The Return Hub is a recruitment firm that places people who have taken a career break and now want to relaunch their careers. Traditional routes back in to employment don’t cater for CV gaps. The Return Hub is different. We specialise in mid-senior level positions in the financial services sector. Join and be on our radar for job opportunities, events, and advice on returning to work. Breakxit?

ADVERTORIAL BrainTRAINING Learning and behavioural problems needn’t be a life sentence. Psychologist Sarah Warley of The Key Clinic explains how drug-free treatment can unlock your child’s potential When Bertie came to The Key Clinic last year, he was seven years old and in a world of his own. He made very little eye contact and had limited social skills. He struggled to read, had very messy writing and couldn’t ride a bike. He was extremely picky about food and had regular tantrums. The children who come to our clinic may have been labelled dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADD, Asperger’s, slow processing, or their parents may simply have a hunch that they are not performing as well as they could be. These children are often smart and capable, but cannot access or express that intelligence because something is quite literally ‘blocking’ their way. They feel different from their classmates, talk of being ‘stupid’ and lack confidence. Parents do “BERTIE IS NOW A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BOY. HE HAS SELF-BELIEF AND IS DOING BRILLIANTLY AT SCHOOL. HE CAN RIDE A BIKE AT LAST, HAS MADE IT INTO THE ‘A’ CRICKET TEAM AND HAS LOST HIS DIAGNOSIS.” Annabel, mother their best to help them, investing large sums in their education. However, few realise that their child may not be developmentally ready to process a formal education. While labels like dyslexia describe a cluster of symptoms, little is done to try to understand why the symptom is there in the first place. Our aim at The Key Clinic is to explore the different causes of these symptoms and treat the underlying problem. We use a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to find the right ‘key’ to unlock each child’s potential. We use four main keys: neurodevelopmental, auditory, nutritional and cranial osteopathic. Each key is based on our ever-increasing understanding of neuroplasticity, which sees the brain not as static and unchangeable, but as a dynamic, flexible organ, capable of rewiring itself, building new connections and evolving every minute of every day. This means that problems, like Bertie’s, which once were deemed ‘for life’, can be overcome, provided the right stimulation is given to the brain. Bertie started with a series of simple, daily neurodevelopmental exercises and individually tailored vitamin shots which could be hidden in his drinks. Within six weeks he was showing improvement. By the end of the programme, he was flying. To contact The Key Clinic for an assessment, call 01635 761565 Monday to Friday, email or visit and fill in the Screening Questionnaire SUMMER 17 ★ 29


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