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Summer Edition 2017

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Our new look magazine! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.

Don’t let screentime

Don’t let screentime take over your summer holiday Try the fun, simple pack that helps you manage your child’s time on screens ‘A genius idea’ – Kirstie Allsopp, TV Presenter ‘Brilliant for under 9’s’ – The Daily Telegraph ‘Super new way to manage kids’ screentime’ - Sue Atkins, ITV’s Parenting Expert ‘Life-changingly perfect’ – R Bently, Happy Customer Buy yours today for £14.95 inc. P&P at and

INTERVIEW Wardrobe MISTRESS Me+Em founder Clare Hornby tells us about the inspiration behind the brand’s fine lines How did ME+EM come about? I’ve always loved clothes and would design and make them with my mother as a child. My first job was at Harrods, where I got a taste for designer quality clothes I couldn’t afford. I then worked in advertising for 15 years, building brands. The idea behind ME+EM was to create beautiful, contemporary clothes that were affordable. How would you describe the ethos of the brand? We call it Intelligent Style. That means we pick the best, most wearable trends and incorporate them into flattering, affordable clothes that are beautifully designed, and will do more than one job for you. And your design style? It’s all about clean, flattering lines, beautifully pared-down silhouettes and contemporary shapes. To what personal and professional influences do you attribute this? For years I’ve thought about what it takes to make a fashion icon, those pieces like the perfect blazer or the Breton top that earn a long-term place in your wardrobe. So I’m influenced of course by Coco Chanel, the way she insisted on pared-down simplicity and clothes you can move in, live in, dress up, dress down. But I’m also influenced by my own family life and professional life, the way I want versatile clothes that look and feel great 18 hours a day. What are the special ingredients that make ME+EM so wearable? The special ingredient is the thought behind it. We’ve thought about how women live, work and socialise now. We’ve thought about how to best flatter women’s bodies. We’ve thought about how clothes feel, how they travel, how they wash and how they fit. How can women get the best out of ME+EM? By knowing they can wear them in different ways for work, travel, weekends, parties… Which are your must-have pieces? I wear our Utility Chic Summer Jacket round the clock. I can’t wait to get one of our new blazers. They are the perfect way to add a hit of chic — great for work, and elegant for parties with a jumpsuit and strappy heels. e te ic Tie-front luxe blazer, £249 (above), oversized summer blazer, £249, utility chic summer jacket, £229 and wrap belted blazer, £249. SUMMER 17 ★ 25


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