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Summer Edition 2017

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Our new look magazine! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.


ADVERTORIAL WORLD CLASS women onoing laco fit closely with our broader objective to help the young develop life skills and personal qualities” Philip Howell. CEO Rathbones This summer we’ll welcome the best in the world for the FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup – the largest women’s elite sporting event in the UK. As part of their commitment to young people and women’s sport, Rathbone Investment Management asked three leading female athletes about what it takes to achieve one’s dreams. Gill Burns, Charlotte Edwards and Kate Richardson- Walsh achieved remarkable international success in their respective sports: rugby, cricket and hockey. Each captained their country and have gained a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to win and achieve one’s goals. “I think in order to be world class, hard work is first and foremost,” says Olympic gold medal hockey star Richardson-Walsh. “It doesn’t come easy, I wish there was a bit of magic gold dust you could sprinkle and you’d be there, but it’s so much hard work.” Bouncing back when things don’t go your way is also critical. “You’ve got to be resilient,” says “I THINK IN ORDER TO BE WORLD CLASS, HARD WORK IS FIRST AND FOREMOST” Kate Richardson-Walsh former World Cup cricket champion, Edwards. “There are so many highs and lows throughout an international career. Sometimes more lows than highs, and I think riding them is key.” As with nearly all team endeavours, there is great emphasis on the cohesion of the group. “You’re part of a big machine,” says former rugby World Cup winner, Gill Burns, one of the first women to be inducted into the International Rugby Board Hall of Fame. “And you might have an important role within that machine – but you’re only as important as every other part.” The strong team ethos in lacrosse is one of the many reasons why Rathbones has been proud to support the development of the sport especially For more information on Rathbones’ partnership programmes or services contact Laura Coleman on 020 7399 0068 or email 22 ★ SUMMER 17

“YOU’RE PART OF A BIG MACHINE AND YOU MIGHT HAVE AN IMPORTANT ROLE WITHIN THAT MACHINE – BUT YOU’RE ONLY AS IMPORTANT AS EVERY OTHER PART” Gill Burns “THERE ARE SO MANY HIGHS AND LOWS THROUGHOUT AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER. SOMETIMES MORE LOWS THAN HIGHS, AND I THINK RIDING THEM IS KEY” Charlotte Edwards within schools. At grassroots level, helped by the Rathbones Community Expansion Programme, the number of female U14 lacrosse players more than doubled between 2014 and 2016. “Sponsoring lacrosse fits closely with our broader objective to help the young develop life skills and personal qualities,” says Rathbones CEO Philip Howell. “Whilst we started with junior girls’ lacrosse it was a natural step to help the World Cup come to the UK to shine a light on the sport and help inspire the young.” And for those starting out on a journey towards their dreams, be emboldened by advice from Kate Richardson-Walsh. “When I was a teenager growing up I thought maybe I can’t ever be world class, but actually everybody can be world class. Everybody has strengths. You just need to find those strengths and leverage on those strengths and be the very best that you can be.” Rathbones has sponsored schools lacrosse for over five years. Visit rathbones. com/lacrosse to find out about the FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup and to watch videos of these inspirational sportswomen talking about sport for young people, women’s sport and what it takes to be world class. Rathbone Investment Management is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. SUMMER 17 ★ 23


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