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Winter Edition 2016

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‘Teddies is a bit

‘Teddies is a bit different. It has its own character. You can get involved and make things happen.’ INTERVIEW WITH SCHOOL TRUNK Dorothy McLaren and Chelsea Hayes EDUCATION 8 CURRENT PUPIL ● 100 acres ● Co-educational ● Boarding and day ● A Level and IB Diploma Contact the Registrar 01865 319200 WATCH TEDDIES TV ON THE WEBSITE @TeddiesOxford Tell us about your business, when did you set it up and why? We set up School Trunk to help not only parents, but also schools to manage the challenges of storing students’ excess belongings over the holidays. More and more stuff seems to find its way into students’ rooms and schools no longer want to store it all over the holidays as the pressure on schools to rent out their facilities increases. Schools want the rooms cleared and students often can’t take all their belongings home with them. School Trunk provides a collection, storage and re-delivery service, either en-masse to schools such as Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Rugby or individually to students at any school in the UK. We will even clean, mend and name tape uniform! Balancing work with kids – how do you juggle it? The juggle is always difficult and in fact the beginning and end of terms are even more hectic than before. However having children at independent schools has helped us understand the market in a way that many other people can’t! What are the highs and lows of running your own business? Running your own business is a true rollercoaster of emotions. The highs are higher, but the lows are harder to deal with. The true benefit though is that you are able to manage the work/life balance in your own way. What advice would you give to other mums thinking about a start-up? Everything always takes longer than you think and you have to ensure you can step back regularly and re-evaluate your strategy to ensure you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. 9


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