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Winter Edition 2016

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This term's magazine is here! Our 60 member schools will be sending one home to every family. If you would like to know more about how your school can raise funds through School Notices or would like a free copy, please email


FAMILY JOURNEYS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD A MOTHER’S REWARD ‘ Darling, see you at the Full Moon Party…’ 20 t: +44 (0)1488 689700 | e: T A MOTHER’S REWARD 20% Off 7 nights at Blue Palace, Crete with complimentary half board Must book by 16th January 2017. Quote ‘School Notices’. Terms & Conditions apply. The days of packing your child off on a gap year with little expectation of hearing from them Maintaining for months a balanced at a time life seems are long so simple gone. Modern until you have technology to do it means as a parent. parents Juggling can now all the keep family’s track needs of where and their commitments children are is and a challenging what they task are up and to just at any a few given minutes time. With to yourself this comes feels the impossible inevitable amongst temptation the to whirlwind meet up of in work exotic and locations the demands and of share family in the life. Any experience. quiet moment We are is seeing inevitably an sabotaged increasing trend by thoughts in family of holidays what else arranged needs to to be coincide done. with Sometimes the itinerary however, of travelling we stop offspring. for a moment and imagine stepping off the treadmill and it “ They is then will that be our truly thoughts grateful turn to for a holiday. a respite from the character building deprivations of budget travel.” And there it is - the reward - the payoff for maintaining the balance. An escape to a Not place only where is it someone a wonderful else is opportunity in charge and to catch you can up relax on your and backpacker’s enjoy living in escapades the moment but they with will your be family, truly grateful immersed for in a respite activity from and the adventure character or building simply doing deprivations nothing of much budget at travel. all. Whether Spend you quality want time to hearing feel sand about between their adventures, your toes on feed a them tropical up, island, send watch them the to the sunrise spa for over a good the Serengeti scrub before hike sending the them Inca on Trail, their way possibilities happy in are the endless knowledge but finding that they holiday are having that the fulfils time the of expectations their lives. of all the family can be time consuming. ADVERTORIAL ‘I was having the most fantastic time backpacking through South East Asia with my friends when Our priority is to listen to you and understand mum and dad said they were coming out to what you need and what you want from meet me in Thailand. a holiday. What matters to you matters to us and with over 180 years of collective The thought of them reliving their apparently ‘wild youth’ and visions of them crashing the Full Moon Party filled me with horror. I had not realised how exhausting backpacking was until I was with my experience, our team can tailor an itinerary family and able to relax in luxury. It was heaven that keeps the whole family happy. Next finally time you having have some a moment privacy, a to comfortable think about bed your and a holiday, decent shower. rather I than ate, slept, it being shopped, yet went one to more the spa problem with mum to sort and out, finally leave got all it my to washing the experts done – and and indulge it cost me yourself less than my instead daily budget!’ in delicious anticipation of the perfect escape, safe in the SERENA 18 Y.O. knowledge that it will be done properly and Serena all you need and family do is tick travelled it off your list. with Bailey Robinson +44 +44 (0) (0) 1488 1488 689 689 700 700 21


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