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Winter Edition 2016

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This term's magazine is here! Our 60 member schools will be sending one home to every family. If you would like to know more about how your school can raise funds through School Notices or would like a free copy, please email


FASHION FOOD & DRINK SUPER FLATTERING JEANS LUXURIOUS CASHMERE PRETTY TOPS ELEGANT COATS GORGEOUS JEWELLERY BEAUTIFUL SHOES 01962 733154 GARDEN ART, 1 BATH ROAD, HUNGERFORD, RG17 0HE | WWW.JAXJEANS.CO.UK | 07788 670670 private cooks, chefs & couples for all occasions including: Dinner Parties | Shoots | Chalets | Villas Abroad | Birthday Parties From one-off occasions to full time placements STYLISH & PRACTICAL ACTIVEWEAR FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES 07710 122 428 INTERVIEW WITH THE GREY EARL Tell us about your business, when did you set it up and why? Kate and I are Sussex based, great friends and mothers of two girls in the same year at Brambletye School. We set up the The Grey Earl a year ago to give people the option to choose delicious, fresh, homemade food at outdoor public or private events, which we serve from an iconic 1956 Citroen H van. Alongside a desire to push our own individual boundaries, our different skills and work ethic has combined to create a business that has allowed us to share incredible highs and thankfully, few lows. Balancing work with kids – how do you juggle it? By picking and choosing the events we attend so The Grey Earl is busier during term time than holidays and doing our preparation while the children are at school or after they have gone to bed. Also thankfully, Kate and I have very supporting husbands. They are an essential and integral part of making this business work. They have a whole range of Rowan Galvin-Wright and Kate Hargrave r e a l f o o d duties including mass child care, keeping the coffee machine topped r e a l t a s t e up and checking our books! If it’s a daytime event, all our children too are at an age where they can help serve in the van and actually relish adding up the cost of a mug of soup, a sausage roll and a piece of cake whilst plotting to take over The Grey Earl! What are the highs and lows of running your own business? Being able to share this fantastic journey with Kate, knowing the food we create is appreciated and an opportunity to meet a whole range of new and like minded people. Lows are rare thankfully, but throwing away our food at the end of an event because the expected numbers did not materialise, is awful. What advice would you give to other mums thinking about a start-up? Certainly this would be to tap into old skills and passions as a starting point, recognising that finally, there is a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do. FOOD & DRINK 14 Advert 123mm x 32.181mm.indd 1 09/03/2016 10:52:59 15


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