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Winter Edition 2015

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School Notices termly magaine - winter 2015

EDUCATION Boarding and

EDUCATION Boarding and Day School for girls 11 to 18 STRONGER TOGETHER EDUCATION DISPATCHES FROM THE SCHOOL TOUCHLINE by Rebecca Chatterton Our strong pastoral system fosters positive relationships and promotes an ethos that values our girls as individuals while nurturing a deep sense of community. Teddies: working in partnership with our prep schools The school touchline is a sociable place where parents huddle together making introductions and putting names to faces. No child’s superb try or glorious catch is left unnoticed – a hasty briefing by fellow spectators guarantees that even the parent looking in the wrong way is able to offer enthusiastic congratulations to their offspring later. As three mothers with nine sports-mad boys between us, we can’t count the hours spent supporting our offspring. During the cricket season a few years ago, we discussed the fact that our children’s obsession with their sports didn’t end with the day’s play. If we wanted to be part of the banter we realised we should learn more about the sports that they loved. It also dawned on us that watching games would be much more enjoyable if we actually understood them! The idea for our ‘Mothers’ Translations’ started to take shape. It was summer so we immersed ourselves in the peculiarities of cricket. As we swallowed the ‘Laws’ we decided we didn’t want to be the only ones with post game opinions round the tea urn so we produced “Stumped by Cricket” our first book. Filled with easily understood explanations and lots of pretty illustrations, it is now nearly 2 years old. The excitement of the Rugby World Cup is still palpable in our families, so we’ve turned our attentions to rugby. Since researching ‘Rugby Tackled’ we’re holding our own on the touchline this season. Perhaps with our book to hand, you could too. 6 Watch Teddies TV on the website | @TeddiesOxford For your special School Notices offer of 10% off and free postage on Rugby Tackled go to for the promotion code 7


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