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Summer Edition 2015

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School Notices termly magazine - Summer 2015


EDUCATION Teddies: working in partnership with our prep schools Watch Teddies TV on the website | @TeddiesOxford “BEST PUBLIC SCHOOL” Tatler Schools Guide 2014 “THE MOST FORWARD- THINKING SCHOOL IN BRITAIN” SHERBORNE DAYS & THE MAKING OF A WRITER When I look back on my Sherborne days, I have only good memories. Summers were somehow always sunny, winters crisp, the banter in the common room always full of mirth. Dynasty was a highlight, Eastenders had just started, Dallas kept me up at night fantasising about Bobby Ewing. I fancied Patrick Swayze, loved the Eurythmics, had a penchant for blue eye-liner, frosted pink lipstick, baseball boots and big, backcombed hair. I don’t remember studying much, I remember little of the classes, but I remember everything about the fun – is that what they call nostalgia? The subconscious filtering of memories so that one only remembers the positive things. I remember climbing out of the lavatory window to smoke More Menthols on the roof. I remember throwing up after smoking three and vowing never to inhale another cigarette again. I remember sunbathing topless in the field above the river on a Sunday, I remember shoplifting an eyeliner pencil as a dare in Boots and I remember wearing mini skirts that almost showed my pants. I remember paisley tights, push-up bras and high waisted jeans alla Bananarama! I remember falling in love over and OVER again, but it was always unrequited. I remember so much because my daughter is now at the same school, in the same house, and every time I visit more memories hurl themselves at me and I’m dragged into the past and it really doesn’t feel that far away – By Santa Montefiore and yet it is, very far away. We talked about boys a lot. I was commissioned to write a short romantic story about one of the girls and the boy she fancied at the boy’s school. It was an instant hit and I was swiftly commissioned to write more. In my free time I wrote stories that would later develop into novels, for which I am paid handsomely now. I’m grateful for the many times I fell in love, for the longing and pining and dreaming as we lay on our beds listening to Billy Joel and Laura Branagan, fantasising about those boys who were most likely terrified of us and our girlish passion. There’s nothing more frightening for a boy than love! Boarding school was where my writing began. Now I’ve written sixteen novels! One of the massive themes is always nostalgia. I’m so lucky to have had wonderful school years to be nostalgic about. I hope I’m giving the same gift to my children. Because what are we if not a sum of our pasts? EDUCATION | | 01344 444 013 The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore is published in paperback by Simon & Schuster 6 7


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