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Spring Edition 2017

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HEALTH & WELLBEING by Leonora Bamford, founder of My Baba "...a healthy gut makes a healthy body" Health and wellbeing is something all parents want for their children. From the moment they are conceived all you wish for is a healthy baby and when you start weaning it’s something one thinks about even more. People can, in this age, get overly obsessed with what’s healthy and what's not and although I think it’s important we teach our children about the food they eat and where it comes from, I cringe when I hear my daughter talking about ‘gluten free’ and 'intolerances'. I found out very early on that my daughter had a strong intolerance to lactose but I can’t help but feel that we’re projecting our food obsessions onto our children. More than ever I feel my father’s view ‘everything in moderation’ is key. I don’t agree with eating Nutella for breakfast, something I believe to have zero nutritional value and laden with nasties, however, we eat it on pancakes pretty much every Saturday as a family ritual and I don’t think that’s a bad thing! I like to cook with fresh ingredients and am extremely lucky to have a butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer within walking distance and on the weekends we live on a farm. I know it’s not always easy, but as a family we love cooking and we try to eat sensible balanced meals using seasonal ingredients where possible. I love nothing more than digging out recipe books and letting the children pick new recipes to try. I don’t eat meat at every meal and if we cook a chicken, we use every bit of it and would never dream of throwing the carcass before making a delicious stock for soup later in the week. Something I learnt from my grandmother. I’m also a huge believer in the great outdoors and my children have always loved playing outside come rain or shine. I remember one Easter holiday they pretty much spent every day in the garden digging for worms and planting seeds; they grew so much that holiday and seemed to bond as siblings, it was very special to watch. "I can’t help but feel that we’re projecting our food obsessions onto our children" Another thing I’ve been interested in is mindfulness and meditation for a healthy mind. My son loves meditation and every year I make a promise to spend just 10 minutes a day practicing myself. Mindfulness is a topic we get asked about a lot at My Baba and we have some great articles on the subject. The last thing I would like to touch on is vitamins and probiotics for children. People often ask me why, if I’m so healthy and feed my children the right thing, would they need them? When my son was little, he was on antibiotics and I hated the idea. I went to Zita, whose supplements I had taken throughout my pregnancy and asked her which brand was best to give my son. I’ve always believed that a healthy gut makes a healthy body, and she said we ought to make our own; a product made in England that we could trust and one I would be happy giving to my children. The process took longer than anticipated but we launched our 'magic powder' (as my kids call it) last year, which is loaded with 14 essential vitamins and both strains of probiotics. We get wonderful messages of support from our clients who all use them in different ways, from sprinkling over porridge to blending in their morning smoothies. While I can't profess to keeping all lurgies at bay, research shows that children who take a daily supplement like ours, spend more days at school and less days off sick and that’s good enough reason for me. ZITA WEST MYBABA Children's Multivitimin and Multibiotic Powder To claim your exclusive 20% off visit: 6 7


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