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Spring Edition 2017

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OUR NEWS... Next stop -

OUR NEWS... Next stop - Singapore! by Selina Boyd & Louise Courtenay SELINA & LOUISE OUTSIDE DULWICH COLLEGE, SINGAPORE E ducating your child outside of the UK will either make you shudder (why on EARTH would you do this?!) or ignite intrigue as to what is on offer and whether the level of education will be the same as that offered in Blighty. The education sector within Asia continues to be an area of rapid growth with more schools opening each year due to high demand. With help from our recent successful crowdfunding, School Notices hopes to make Asia one of the starting points in which to expand internationally. Where better then than to start our foray into the global arena than Singapore? Singapore has wrongly been branded as a humid backwater in South East Asia with below par options for schooling. The island, affectionately known as the ‘little red dot’, is making waves in the education world with many international schools making their mark within the city. The schools cover a wide range of options to meet the specific needs of expatriate children, which now reads like a restaurant menu, catering for most nationalities and demands. At only 27km long by 50km wide (that’s 17 miles versus 31 miles for those of you who are not working to metric conversions) and a "...the island is home to a staggering 63 international schools with an average of 2,000 pupils per school!" total population of 5.7million (1.43 million of which are non-residents) the island is home to a staggering 63 international schools with an average of 2,000 pupils per school! An incredible feat when you think of the amount of space you need to have in order to house this number of pupils on a small island without even accounting for local institutions. Co-founder of School Notices, Gordon Dawson, along with Selina Boyd and Louise Courtenay, braved the Lion City in January and all it had to offer in order to get the ball rolling for School Notices in the region. Together they targeted the first tier of top schools and were met with an enthusiastic reception. "The schools out in Singapore get the concept instantly", said Gordon, "they are incredibly technologically savvy and dynamic". Not surprising, considering the transient life of an expat is a fast moving one. The trip was a huge success and there was a great buzz about School Notices, with one leading school having already agreed to enrol. School Notices Asia is well set for launch this summer and the expansion is underway! 5


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