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Spring Edition 2017

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The value of investments

The value of investments and income arising from them may fall as well as rise and you might get back less than you originally invested. Rathbone Investment Management is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. 12 Tell us where you need to go We’ll help you get there Investment management designed for you. No two journeys are the same. Whether you’re saving for your children’s education or your own retirement, we take the time to understand you and your priorities. We create a unique portfolio for your individual needs.* For more information, please contact Rebecca Tunstall on 020 7399 0804 or email * Minimum investment £100,000 Proud supporters of School Notices @Rathbones1742 Rathbone Brothers Plc Spring into Summer by Rebecca Caplan, co-founder of Fitique - The independent womens' fitness boutique Spring is around the corner. Are you creeping out of winter hibernation and wondering how to prepare your body for that holiday bikini? Here are my top tips for achieving a healthier and fitter you… 1Set yourself a goal. Enter an event that’s just beyond your reach. Tell people you’re doing it. Fear of failure and not wanting to let people down is very real and will make you stick to your guns. 2Never say never! How many times do friends say “I just can’t run"? Well, let me tell you, just about anyone can run! The popular couch to 5k running apps (there are a few) take you through every step. Alternatively, try a discipline you haven’t done before – pilates, barre, yoga, a fitness bootcamp and keep trying until you find something you like. 3Buy some good kit. Those old tracksuit bottoms and a cotton t-shirt are not going to help - in fact they will positively hinder you. Exercise kit now is functional, attractive, comfortable and technical. The right kit will make you feel good and you will want to exercise. your fitness 4Plan activities and write them in your diary. This avoids other things creeping in and taking over. 5Join a group e.g. a run club or a swim group. There are numerous clubs catering for all disciplines and abilities. Fitique’s weekly run club welcomes all abilities and a qualified coach leads and motivates runners. New friendships are made and the camaraderie, especially when running in bad weather, is priceless! A number of the group have even decided to enter a 10k race this summer having never run before! 6Find a friend with a similar goal and agree to do it together. You are less likely to let someone else down if you’ve agreed on something. 7Put on your exercise kit when you get up! Whilst it’s easy to wear this comfy kit all day (such is the advancement in modern fabrics), you are not going to want to go to bed having done no exercise. 8Get fitted for a good pair of trainers and a sportsbra designed with your specific discipline in mind. in a fitness 9Invest watch or tracker. These are great for staying focused on your exercise, weight, bodymass, steps taken etc. 10 Always have bananas in your house and workplace - they fill you up and are a great pre or post exercise snack. 13


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