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Spring Edition 2016

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School Notices termly magazine - spring 2016


SERVICES SERVICES WHAT MAKES A GOOD PORTRAIT OF A CHILD? BY ROSANNA CHITTENDEN Commissioning a portrait of your child can be an exciting but overwhelming process. And one you want to get just right. Here are a few pointers to help you navigate the minefield. LIZA BUTTERWORTH Portrait Painter Children, Adults, Animals Capturing precious moments Hampshire 07930 532822 BESPOKE WATERCOLOUR PORTRAITS OF YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS SOUJATA DEVA R IS BELGR AV I A AGE - Children younger than four aren’t easy to direct and their faces won’t be formed enough. The best ages for a portrait are probably 6 to 12. Don’t worry about any missing teeth – they seldom show. MEDIUM - Pastels have an immediacy that makes them ideally suited to catch a child’s freshness and energy – perfect for a head and shoulders. Oils have greater longevity and authority but are possibly more suitable for a full-length painting where the position or ‘attitude’ also tells a story. Only the most skilled watercolourists can capture the character and features of children accurately without the portrait appearing tight and laboured. POSE AND APPEARANCE - Capturing the essence of your child is key. And the secret lies in getting the pose, ‘look’ and expression just right. Children should like the clothes they are wearing and be allowed to be themselves. Informality is good and overly coiffed hair, or a stiff, contrived pose will make it harder to express a child’s real character. What makes a good photograph seldom makes a good portrait. A smile can become very wearing in a portrait and a child’s personality should determine whether they are looking straight out of the picture or somewhere else. THE ARTIST – Word of mouth, seeing other works by an artist and online research should help you find a painter whose style you like. A good artist should recognize and understand your child’s personality and be able to perform the alchemy of translating this onto paper or canvas. Paying more for a picture you will never grow tired of makes more sense than paying less for one that never feels ‘quite right’. 07860 730 931 SOUJATA@YAHOO.COM WWW.SOUJATAPORTRAITS.COM SOUJATA PORTRAITS 07714245397 30 31


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