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Spring Edition 2016

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School Notices termly magazine - spring 2016


FASHION EDUCATION An independent women’s fitness boutique and exercise studio We offer an exciting range of apparel, footwear and accessories for running, yoga, pilates, court, cycling and general fitness “CHILDREN CAN ONLY ASPIRE TO WHAT THEY KNOW EXISTS” Dr. Ger Graus OBE Director of Education & Partnerships 5A Broad Street, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9AR 07973 771014 Imagine a 75,000sq.ft child-size city where young people are in charge! It is the aim of KidZania London to broaden horizons so that children can explore, aspire and begin to write their own narrative of the possible. The business model came to the UK because there is a clear need for what KidZania provides: learning by doing within the context of careers awareness and raising aspirations. As a teacher and someone who has been involved with children’s education all my life, this was too exciting an opportunity to miss: finally there was a chance to bridge the educational gap between theory and practice - between learning and doing! KidZania for me provides purpose to learning, to answer ‘why’ questions and to enable children to write their narrative of the possible. A COLLECTION OF CONTEMPOR ARY JEWELLERY IN GOLD AND SILVER ELEGANT AND EASY TO WEAR KidZania is the domain of all children aged 4 to 14 who want to join us. At KidZania the children are in charge of their own learning journey, as we encourage world-of-work related independent learning through active participation and role-play. Through role-play children will instinctively grasp that learning is tangible and its outcomes have a purpose and a reality - and that it can be unending fun. At KidZania the grown-ups are there to be seen and not heard, after all, this is KIDzania! KidZania provides children and their parents, families, schools and communities with a safe, unique, and realistic educational environment that allows young people to do what comes naturally to them: imagining and role-playing traditionally adult activities and experiences - and as we know... “EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING!” 10 11


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